Polyester belt 45 mm wide, Teflon impregnated, light metal fittings, plastic guides, back support, kidney protection in plastic foam with fabric backing on both sides, padding on shoulder and leg belts

Pro 6-point harness with 1 suspension eyelet on the back, 1 suspension eyelet in the chest area (= 2 light metal D-rings work together as holding and cushioning eyelets), 1 holding-, abseiling-, rescue eyelet in the abdominal area (= light metal karabiner functioning together with both belt loops as holding-, abseiling-, rescue eyelet, but not alone), 2 holding eyelets in the hip area, 1 restraint-eyelet at the back with integrated abdominal belt, leg, abdominal and chest fastener with automatic steel buckle, leg loops with imprint „BEIN/LEG» for easy dressing, one size fits all, adjustable

The top full body harness for lengthy work on ropes, e.g. for line construction, for rock face workers, for building and facade cleaners, for special task forces etc.

A full body harness without an energy absorber resp. without a retractable fall arrester may not be used as fall arrest system.